You'll find many more homeschooling posts by clicking the "homeschooling" button at the top of the page, but here are the freebies I've created:

Level 1 Ancients
Level 1 Middle Ages
Level 1 Early Modern
Level 1 Modern

K & 3rd grade year
1st & 4th grade year

Language Arts:
An essay exploring the best time to teach reading
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
Poetry worksheets
Sight word worksheets (there are 3 sets all together)

Pre-K, unit study: spring
Kindergarten, full (or mostly full) year
Media resources for Pandia Press' RSO Life Science level 1
Media resources for Pandia Press' RSO Earth Science and Astronomy level 1
Media resources for Pandia Press' RSO Chemistry level 1

Halloween math worksheets for 1st and 4th grade

Preschool Trays:
2013/2014 Beginning of year
ABC coloring sheets

Curriculum Reviews:
At the beginning of each year, I do a post listing out what we plan to use for each subject.  At the end of the year, I explain what we liked, what we ditched, and why
2014/2015 school year (5th grade/2nd grade)
2012/2013 school year (3rd grade/Kindergarten)
2011/2012 school year (2nd grade)
2010/2011 school year (1st grade)


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