Friday, November 11, 2016

Disney Day 6

Disney Day 6 was the "Day of ALL Four Parks".  We decided that we would ride everyone's favorite rides if at all possible.  This was tricky because you can only reserve fast passes at one park at a time.  You can't reserve a fast pass in a certain park until you have no more pending in other parks.  So we had to do some plotting and planning to figure out which rides we thought we could get on later in the day without long waits.  Secora was eager to ride Seven Dwarfs again and that was definitely the hardest ride to get on (no fast passes were available), so we had to start in the Magic Kingdom as close to opening as possible.   Everyone was up early and ready to tackle the day
 When we got to the Magic Kingdom, Secora and I rushed back to Seven Dwarfs, where the line was relatively short (about 30 minutes)
 Josh and the big girls headed for Splash Mountain because the one souvenir Sedona really wanted (a fuzzy blanket that rolled up to look like an owl) was sold in the gift shop there.  Unfortunately, when they got there, they found the shop didn't open for another hour.  Josh texted me and while standing in line at Seven Dwarfs (on the other side of the park), I was able to check wait times and send them to Jungle Cruise.  I even snagged fast passes for them so they could definitely get on with minimal wait.  Have the DisneyWorld app and knowing how to use it was key to getting through this day.  I had also grabbed some fast passes to Winnie the Pooh for a little later in the morning because everyone wanted to ride that again.

Secora and I made it to the front of the line for Seven Dwarfs and got put in the very last seat.  Secora loved being at the back
We checked in with Josh when we were done.  They had also ridden Aladdin's Magic Carpet then made their way over to the gift shop.  Secora had a little time to kill while we waited for them to make their way to our side of the park, so she chose to ride Barnstormer again....THREE more times.  I goofed and turned the camera here, but it's cute nonetheless.
We did our spin on Winnie the Pooh, one more ride on Little Mermaid, and grabbed a snack (ridiculously rich cinnamon roll for them and some hummus and pretzels for me) at Gaston's Tavern.  While snacking, I was continuously refreshing the fast pass system to grab a decent time on Fast Track in Epcot.  Secora and Sedona danced their way towards the front of Magic Kingdom so we could catch the monorail
Everyone also stopped for a picture with Walt
We made it to Epcot and rushed to Test Track for our fast pass time only to discover Test Track was down.  No!!  Foiled!!  I was determined to make the "ride all the favorite rides" day a success though.  We killed time by taking another spin on Nemo and taking a (very sunny) picture out front
Test Track was still down, so we hung out at The Electric Umbrella and ate some lunch where we could see the entrance to Test Track.  Soon after we finished eating, a lot of people were walking towards the ride, so we ran over too.  This time, Sierra rode with us!  I had to give her a play by play of what was going to happen and she held on to my arm so tight I had an imprint of my magic band on my wrist for quite a while afterwards, but she made it! Here's video of the whole ride, skip ahead to 02:51 if you just want to see Sedona and Secora thrilled with the high speed part.
Here's Sierra facing her fears and just getting through it (along with random single rider that got stuck with us)
With Test Track out of the way, we were on the bus to Hollywood Studios and I was back on the app trying to grab fast passes to Toy Story.  Hollywood Studios was pretty uneventful.  We were able to ride Toy Story and we eagerly sat down for another showing of the Frozen Sing Along.  This is where we found out the absolutely hilarious guy that totally made the show had indeed been improving.  This showing was a let-down and not nearly as funny.  Moral of the story....if the Frozen Sing Along isn't making your sides hurt from laughing so much, try another showing, maybe you'll get better Arendelle historians.

It was getting pretty late in the afternoon, so we hopped over to Animal Kingdom
 We were all tired, but success was close!!
 The girls really wanted to ride Kali River Rapids and I had grabbed fast passes on the way to the park, but the line was taking forever to move.  Then we realized the ride had been shut down temporarily.  We decided to stay in line and wait it out, which was a long hot wait.  We ended up on a raft with another family of mom, dad and 3 girls, so that was kind of fun.  Something was definitely up with the ride though, it was a ROUGH run.  We got the real rapids version and ended up soaked.

But we did it!  We moseyed over to Dino Land for a snack and to celebrate successfully riding all our favorite rides in all 4 parks.
 And then the girls settled down in the Mammoth Dig section of the Boneyard to just hang out and decompress.
Josh and I found a good lounging spot too

It had been a LOOOONG day, but we headed towards the front of the park carried along by Sedona's last bit of energy
 We happened upon a dance party at the front of the park, so the little girls joined in on that and found themselves in conga line
We got to watch the Tree of Life awakening for a little while.  That was a first for all of us and pretty cool.  They play movies on the tree that make it look like the animals carved into the side are waking up and moving around
 It was very late and we had one table service meal left to use on our meal plan, so we stopped at Rainforest Cafe at the front of the park to get dinner.  Since Sierra was on the adult plan and could get pretty much anything she wanted, we let her get a double patty hamburger.  She was sooooo tired and soooo punch drunk she laughed hysterically when it arrived.  She did eat over half of it though.

And with that....we blearily made our way back to our hotel.  We had one more night at the hotel and one more day of park tickets left.  We were about Disney-ed out though. 

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