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Disney Day 3

We planned to spend day 3 at the Magic Kingdom.  I had been stalking the dining reservation system hoping to get a spot at Be Our Guest and a breakfast spot opened up the day before, so we had plans to be at the Beast's Castle at 9:30am.  We didn't want to be late, so we got up, got ready, had a snack and made our way to the bus stop.  Sierra specifically chose her Little Mermaid shirt and Tinkerbell socks and asked me if people would think she's too old to wear ears (answer: no)
 On the bus, I suddenly realized we were going to be at the park for rope drop.  We had never seen that before, so I was kind of excited for something new.  The Magic Kingdom entrance is a Main Street theme, so about 15 minutes before the park opens each day, the "mayor" comes out and greets everyone and there's a song/dance group and then the characters ride in on the train and there's more singing and dancing and a family who was chosen at the gates that morning opens the park.  All in all, a neat thing that was new for all of us.

Because we were one of the first in the gate, we had plenty of time to stop by and visit Tinkerbell before our reservation.
 Highlight of her morning
 We've been magically shrunk so we can visit Pixie Hollow!
 Tinkerbell was excited: "Oh my gosh! That's a picture of me on your leaf!"
 "Okay, so you must be a tinker talent like me! Or wait, your leaf is blue, are you a water talent?"
 "And you have a picture of me on your socks! And WINGS!  But you have to fly feet first, right?"

 Sedona's lasting memory (that she talked about all day), "Tinkerbell smells SOOO good!!"  

After this, we had to hurry back to Fantasyland so we could make our Be Our Guest reservation. I wanted to eat here because it's the only way to check out all the stuff in the Beast's Castle.  It's got the magical aspect because you put in your order on touch screens when you arrive, then you sit anywhere you want inside and a receiver in the table picks up your magic band, so your food shows up without you ever telling anyone where you are.  A neat little trick and neat decor, including "windows" that look like it's snowing outside, but it's SO crowded and SO loud and the food was mediocre (the crepes were really disappointing).  It was only a quick service meal, not a table service, so it wasn't a waste, but it wasn't our favorite.

We sat in the ballroom because it's the first room you see and we were kinda overwhelmed with trying to find a table that would fit our group, so we just grabbed the first one we saw.

The girls and I got up to check out the other rooms and we definitely should have sat in the Castle Gallery off to the side.  It had a giant "music box" with Beast and Belle and was much less crowded and more quiet.  We weren't sure if our food would find us if we moved though, so we stayed put. 

We headed next door to Tales with Belle next.  This is a neat interactive experience where the kids get to act out the story of Beauty and the Beast and also meet Belle.  Sedona was feeling a bit shy and chose to just watch, but Sierra and Secora both had parts.  To his surprise, Josh was also assigned a part.
Sierra was Mrs. Potts, she had to hop every where and pour tea
 Secora was Maurice, she had to be shiver like she was cold because he's locked up in the dungeon.
There is a quick rehearsal in the waiting area with a cast member walking all the kids through what they'll do, then everyone is ushered into the library to wait for Belle.
The play is supposed to be a surprise for Belle, so the cast members here do one more quick run through, then Belle arrives and everyone acts out the play (with cast members whispering in their ear) for her.

Of course, she just loves it and gives everyone signed book marks and takes pictures with them at the end.  Lumiere is back there on the mantle leading the whole show.

The girls decided they needed another spin on the tea cups, so we headed there next

Thankfully, Alice and the Mad Hatter were outside for a character greeting.
I say thankfully because Secora was absolutely petrified when she saw the Mad Hatter.  We had booked reservations for all the girls to go to a Wonderland Tea Party the next afternoon and Secora was now literally in tears over it.  We had about an hour left to cancel and still get a refund.  The other girls also backed out once they saw the characters, so we quickly found a quiet corner and called in a cancellation.

Next up was a Fast Pass for the Winnie the Pooh ride

It was decided to try a more adventurous ride, so we headed over to Barnstormer.  This is a "junior coaster".  Sierra is not interested in a coaster of any sort, so she chose to just wait.  Secora wanted to ride, but it looked like the drop might be too much for her, so I took Sedona on it first to preview.

We're in the last car on the right.  She asked me if she could scream and I said yes, I didn't know she meant one solid, long scream for the ENTIRE ride!

Sedona wasn't a fan and I was on the fence about whether Secora should ride or not, but she was very excited, so Josh took her and just kept his arm around her.

They ended up in the last car and she LOVED it.  Like, really really loved it
The big girls wanted something more calm, but she was officially hooked on roller coasters.  So, she and I rode again while Josh and the big girls went to take a ride on Tomorrowland Speedway.

Even with the speedway, Sierra turned down the opportunity to drive by herself and they all squeezed into one car
We had late dinner reservations, so we took a break at that point and took a sleepy bus ride back to the hotel.

 We realized we hadn't brought enough snacks with us to carry around each day, so we made a quick trip to the local Target to stock up on a few more things and just hung out for a little bit in the A/C during the hottest part of the day.

As evening got closer, we packed up princess dresses for the little girls, put a crown in the big girl's hair, and headed back to the Magic Kingdom
With the crowds thinned out a bit, we stopped for pics with one of the photopass photographers on the way back in

We had grabbed some fast passes for Journey of the Little Mermaid, so we took a spin on that.  I think it might have been my favorite ride themeing/wait line.

Secora really wanted to ride Seven Dwarfs' Mine Train, but we couldn't get fast passes and there was a bit of a wait, so Josh and the big girls killed time back at the Speedway while we waited.  This time Sierra drove solo

Seven Dwarfs' turned out to be the smoothest coaster I've ever been on and Secora loved every second.
You also get video of this ride if you're doing photopass (the scenes they show at the beginning of the video are from the ride...there is a bit of coaster at the beginning, then you go into the mine, and that is all the stuff you see)
She ran off the ride so excited and yelling about how awesome the ride was that all the adults around us were laughing at her.  She tried to explain the awesomeness to her sisters to get them to ride, but no dice.
Before long, we had to make our way over to the Grand Floridian for our reservations at 1900 Park Fare for dinner with Cinderella.  This necessitated a quick dress change and a ride on the monorail
As soon as they had the dresses on, Sedona and Secora started acting like they were really princesses going to a ball.  There was lots of talk about how to be prim and proper.
Dinner was one of our favorites.  This one is a buffet and home of the famous strawberry soup.  Plus, in addition to Cinderella, you get to see the step sisters, who are hilarious.

First up, we saw Lady Tremaine.  I think we may have gotten the same person we had five years ago??  Disney casting is pretty good, but usually not THAT good.  Do any face characters stay at the job for five years?

Lady Tremaine of 2011

Lady Tremaine of 2016
 "Now listen.  You be good to your mother." 
Next up was Prince Charming.  We had all been teasing Sierra about how eager she was to jump up and take a picture with Prince Charming last time

She was more than a bit disappointed in this Prince Charming.  Can't say I really blame her on that one...she was like, "what did he do to his hair? He cleaned up better last time"
 Next up was Cinderella, being all polite and proper like princesses are
 And then the comedy routine.  Anastasia was first.  Sierra was bonding just a bit too well with the step sisters, they traded stories about how to keep sisters in line.

And then Drizella with more of the sister talk

 "put 'er there, you're doing good work here"
 This was not a big eating night for Secora.  There were a few things on the buffet that were safe foods for her, but she just wasn't into eating.  The waitress noticed and asked if the food was okay.  We briefly explained it was an ongoing issue, not anything with their food.  She asked Secora what her most favorite food was, "Hawaiian Rolls"  "oh, I like those too, they're so yummy.  What's your second most favorite food?"  "French fries" "me too!"  Minutes later, she showed up with a bowl of french fries (even though they aren't on the buffet here...I don't know if they just keep them around, or someone ran over to another restaurant at the resort).  Secora was extremely impressed
Because of our late reservation, it was about 8:30 before we were done with dinner.  We did a little shopping, where Sedona bought herself colored hair extensions and Secora bought herself a big school/art kit, then we caught the monorail back over to the Magic Kingdom so we could get a bus back to Art of Animation.  The Magic Kingdom was all decked out for the Halloween Party (which we didn't get tickets for), so the entrance was spooky looking and billowing smoke
It had been another full day!  After we got back to our hotel room, We took advantage of that whole two bathrooms thing to hurry through showers for everyone so we could get to sleep and rest up for another Magic Kingdom day!

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