Saturday, September 17, 2016

Disney Day 2

Day 2 dawned bright and early with everyone eager to hit the parks.
 We started out with a quick breakfast at the hotel
Then we were off to the Animal Kingdom.  Last time we went, this was the least favorite park, but this time we spent a full day here, and still went back for more later.
On the way in, Sedona stopped us to look at some of the animals

And Secora stopped us to take a picture with Flik
We had fast passes for a morning ride on Kilimanjaro Safari though, so we made our way to the Africa section
And before long, we were on the Safari ride, where the girls wanted me to take LOTS of animal pictures:

After the safari, we sat down for a quick snack and saw a stilt walker for a little bit
Next, we were off to watch It's Tough to be a Bug.  We skipped this last time we went because it would have scared the kids, but with a few reminders that it was all pretend, we figured it would be fine this time.  This is a 3D show that also includes things like blowing air at you when something flies by or spraying water on you after a poison-spraying bug on screen labels you as an intruder.  The scariest part is when Hopper shows up and gets mad at Flik for inviting the humans, so he sends "hornets" into the audience.  There are little sticks in the back of your seat that pop out and poke you (no pain, just surprising).  The girls were all "fun scared" about all of it.  They enjoyed it and agreed not going to it on the last trip was a good idea.

They decided to head for Dinoland next.
Sedona immediately fell in love with a dinosaur at a gift shop
 Her commentary was something along the lines of "it's so squishy and amazing!"  She ended up deciding not to buy it with her souvenir money though
 Around the corner, the girls tried their hand at putting together bones to make complete dinosaur skeletons
Next up was a quick lunch at Restaurantosaurus.  The decor here was pretty cool and the kids thought it was neat that the kids' meals came in a sand pail with a shovel.  (We sat at a table in what was supposed to be a garage, so there were fake grease hand prints on the walls)

Also cool was that we were informed the quick service meals aren't divided into kid and adult meals in the system.  We never used all 5 quick service meals for one meal anyway because it was too much food (no point in leftovers, we couldn't take them with us).  Most of our meals after this were 2-3 adult quick service meals that we would all share.

After lunch, we headed to Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama.  A mini carnival inside the park.
 Of course, everyone had to ride Triceratop Spin, which is basically Dumbo with dinosaurs.

I also convinced the big girls to go on Primeval Whirl with me.  Secora wanted to go, but was too short, so she and Josh waited on the sidelines to take pictures.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize there were two entirely different tracks, so Josh was standing on the wrong side and never even saw us go by.  It's just as well because there were some tears involved and neither of the girls enjoyed it.  We still took a "we survived!" after picture though
Then the girls went over to the Boneyard, which is one of their favorite places at Disney World.  This is a cool, fully enclosed playground.  The cool thing about the new magic bands is they're used to log photopass pictures.  That means they can have a Disney photographer roaming the playground, who takes pictures for you, then just scans the child's magic band and the pictures show up in your account.  Parents get to just hang out and rest for a bit.

After some time in the Bone Yard, we went back through the Asia section to ride Kali River Rapids.  No one was willing to ride Expedition Everest with me, but along the way, we stopped to take a picture.
Kali River Rapids was one of everyone's favorite rides and the girls insisted on riding it twice in a row. Obviously, we didn't have the camera out on the water ride, so no pictures there.

When we were done, we stopped to watch the gibbons for a while

We had a little time to kill, so we sat down to share some frozen lemonade and plan our next move (a little lizard came to visit)
We decided on the Maharajah Jungle Trek to get out of the sun for a little bit

 And apparently, even the drains at Disney are fascinating?  I have no idea what they were so interested in.
Sierra decided she wanted to spend some of her souvenir money getting a henna tattoo, so she did that while the little girls shopped at a store

 Secora bought herself a small djembe drum and Sedona bought a small basket shaped like an elephant.  Everyone was looking pretty worn out so we also visited the bakery for a round of treats
The sugar infusion worked, not long after this, they decided to expand on the "jazz hands" idea and create a "jazz tail" squirrel dance that we were subjected to for the rest of the trip.  If you see them, ask to see it.

Just outside the shop, we noticed a garden that was producing rather well.  There were lots of eggplant and the girls were excited to see pineapples growing

Sedona insisted on a picture with the Garden of Life sign
And Secora asked to go see Mickey and Minnie

We had a little bit of time to kill before dinner, so they opted to go back to the Bone Yard to play some more.  We discovered a bridge that takes you over the "street" (walkway) and to a whole new section
As my brother in law pointed out, it does look like a giant kitty litter box.  But there's a big "mammoth" buried in perfectly sized gravel.  It's big enough to not stick to you or get in your eyes, but small enough to not hurt if someone throws it.  Apparently it collects all those sand pails from kids' lunches throughout the day.  Digging up the mammoth seemed extremely meditative for every kid in there, it was probably the most calm place in the entire resort.

Our last plan of the day was dinner at Tusker House.  This is my favorite restaurant at Disney because I love the food.  It's also a character meal.  We made the mistake of sitting Secora with her back to the restaurant, so she was turned away from the table looking for characters most of the meal

After ALLLL that, it was dark outside and time to head back to the hotel.  Where Secora INSISTED on going swimming.  You know you're at Disney when you call the front desk to ask if there are towels at the pool and they pick up the phone asking, "How can I make your day magical, Hill family?" "uh...we're going swimming, are there towels at the pool?"  "Go ahead and take towels from your room, I'll have 5 fresh ones delivered right now."  Okay then.  We suited up and headed to "The Big Blue Pool", which was the pool closest to our room and the main one for our resort.  It was COLD.  Freezy cold.  Plus there was a lot of wind.  We finally told the girls we were going to go check out the Cozy Cone pool in the Cars section because a friend had mentioned to me that they like that one better.  It's much smaller, but it was also much warmer (I think because it was small enough for the sun to heat it during the day?) and there was less wind because it was more enclosed.  We hung out there for a while and commiserated with other parents about how tired we were.

We finally made our way back to the room (yes, a new set of towels was waiting) and to the showers and into bed.  Day 3 would bring the happy accident of making it to the Magic Kingdom in time for rope drop.

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