Friday, September 16, 2016

Disney Day -1

This blog is mostly defunct now, but still useful for sharing large blocks of info with those who are interested enough to read it.  Like our latest trip...a return to Disney World.  Our last trip to Disney was 5 years ago, when the girls were 6, 4 and 9 months.  This time around was definitely a different trip.

To start out, we had to get to Disney.  We had a LOT of really heavy rain on the road
Every once in a while, the sun (and a rainbow or two) peeked out though
We stopped for a night in Pensacola in a less than stellar hotel, but it worked for what we needed.  In the morning, we headed for Tampa, where we spent two nights with Josh's parents.  

We enjoyed treats made by Grammy: 
 Played virtual reality with Grandpa:

 And cuddled with kittens:

Since we had one full day there, we also took a quick trip down to the beach.  We went to Anna Maria Island, which I was surprised to find covered in shells.  I expected something more like the Florida panhandle beaches, the girls were thrilled to find so many neat shells, including several they hadn't seen before.  We probably got a bit more sun than we should have on this day, but we had fun: 
We also got to sleep in an RV.  For all our talk of "maybe we should just move into an RV," I've never actually slept in one before.  We've only done backpacking-style camping or hotels for many years now, no in between, so that was a new experience.  

It was really nice to be near Tampa because it put us just a short drive from Disney.  We were able to get on the road pretty early and arrive in time to still have a full "half" day in the parks, which takes us to our next post....

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