Thursday, April 28, 2016


A short summary of spring goings-on around here.

The girls built and put up bird houses, which were all occupied in short order

Now, we're starting to see fledglings out and about!
Other wildlife has been around too.  A turtle passed through
"Tiny humans! Hide!"
Sealed up nice and tight
"Is the coast clear?"
Wasps thinking we're going to let them set up shop outside our doors and windows
Tiny ladybug wandering the wilds of the front yard
Hello Mr. Spider, I see you (can you spy his little eye?)
More spying:
We also spent a whole day earlier in the spring geocaching, which gave me a chance to snap picture of a lot of different flowers.

Spring was a bit slow to arrive around here, but it seems we're zooming through it in about 2 weeks and headed straight for summer!

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