Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas Parade Fun

A few weeks ago, we took the kids out to the annual Christmas parade.  They look forward to this all year.  Being Texas, you never know quite what to expect for the weather.  We get anything from below freezing with rain/sleet on up to hot and sunny.  This year was a short sleeves and sunscreen year.

A friend gave them some cotton candy while they were waiting:
Sedona had to take a break from the sun and spend some time in the shade:
A yearly favorite.  Local dental hygienists always hand out toothbrushes
"I got my very own toothbrush!!"
Cool milk jug house
A new cajun restaurant's "float"
Santa is coming!  I think this might be the last year for Sedona and Secora has entered whole-hearted, "Santa is super awesome" belief
Later on, there was also an nighttime parade in the area.  We've never been able to make it to this one before, so the girls were excited to go see all the lights

Long exposure times in the dark make it really difficult to get non-blurry pictures of Sedona
A local high school band with glow everything added:

The dental hygienists again!  No toothbrushes this time, but lots of lights on their float

Habitat for humanity float:
HEB (our grocery store around here) always goes all out:

The milk jug house float was back with lights added on:
Another high school band:

"SANTA!!!!!!  I KNOW HIM!!"

And that sums up holiday parade season.  Next up: Christmas, backpacking, 2015 goals wrap-up and 2016 goals!

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