Friday, September 18, 2015

The End of an Era

This family's last set of training wheels has been set aside!   Secora has been talking about being ready for two wheels for a while now, and when a tire on her bike went flat, we decided it was a sign that it was time to move her up to the bigger (no training wheels) bike we had hanging out in the garage.

The first day was a bit dicey.  She went out to practice with Daddy and came back in crying.  I asked what happened, thinking she'd fallen, but she said it was just really scary and she needed a break.  Josh came in and I again asked what had happened and he had no idea what I was talking about, she'd been fine outside.  Just overwhelmed with adrenaline, I suppose.

The next day she was back at it though.  She still concentrates really hard, so there aren't any fabulous pictures of her smiling real big, but check out how proud her sisters are of her
 They followed her up and down the street barely containing their excitement
She's not quite ready to ride independently yet, but she's getting pretty good.  She'll be zipping after the big kids in no time!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Tea" Time

We live in Texas and Blue Bell ice cream is a BIG deal in Texas.  When we were living in Montana, we ate Tillamook, which was good, but Blue Bell is Blue Bell and there's just no matching it. There was some serious mourning around here when Blue Bell shut down back in April to take care of what ended up being a system-wide listeria problem.  All us Texans would shuffle past empty freezers staring forlornly at all the shelves that were supposed to hold Blue Bell.  We would consider picking up a different brand but ultimately realize it just wouldn't be the same and we were better off with an ice cream-less summer.

You think I'm being dramatic, but I'm not.  It was announced that Blue Bell would be back in stores August 31 and people lined up at the stores that morning waiting for deliveries.  The deliveries are still pretty small right now, and no where near keeping up with demand yet.  The stores limit quantities you can buy and still sell out by lunchtime each day.

So, on this most auspicious of weeks, when Blue Bell came back into our lives and everything looked just a little bit brighter, it would be silly to have plain ol' cookies and tea.  There was only one course of action that made any sense at all...Tea Time needed to be Ice Cream Time.

Sierra and I chose coke floats (Dr. Pepper would have been a better representation of Texas flavors, but I just prefer coke).  Secora and Sedona went with bowls of ice cream with chocolate syrup.
We read poems, but mostly we reveled in the perfection that is Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla.

As a random aside, it appears school encourages Sierra to channel her inner bird. Maybe we should save space and replace the chairs with perches.


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