Saturday, November 14, 2015

Five Years Old!

Secora turned FIVE a couple days ago!  This is, of course, a very big deal since when you're five years old, you're "a whole hand".  Being a whole hand is apparently super important because I've been hearing about it for the last year.

On her actual birthday, Josh actually had to go to conference out of town, so we didn't do a whole lot.  We had donuts for breakfast and got her cake and she got a couple of presents from her sisters.

Choosing this cake was a huge ordeal.  She wanted a cookie cake, but could not decide what design to get.  She finally decided the most important parts were that it have a present on it and an orange border, so we came up with this:
  The big present she got on her birthday was a "number five pillow" Sedona made for her.  She was so proud of coming up with the idea and making it and Secora was thrilled to get it:
 The next day, Josh took some time off work and we all went ice skating. She was adamant for months that she wanted to ice skate for her birthday.  We were skeptical because she's been to the ice rink numerous times and never been willing to even put on skates. She did it though!  It was a bit of shaky start, but she got more comfortable as time went on and by the end she was skating between Josh and I holding our hands.
 Of course, the big girls love any opportunity to go skating
 Back at home, she opened all her presents....including feeding a cricket to her new venus fly trap

The highlight of the day was a remote control hexbug.  She's been asking for "the spider with a controller" every single time we set foot in Target for a long while.  It about killed me to spend $27 on the thing, but she was absolutely thrilled and has been playing with it ever since she opened it.
After presents and some dinner (she INSISTED on crepes...even with the entire family trying to talk her into going out), we went to see the new Peanuts movie (which was really cute, definitely recommend it) and then it was time to fall into bed!

Last, but not least for the birthday post pictures...the walk down memory lane!

She is doing so well this year.  Her eating is still very picky, but is improving by leaps and bounds.  She's much more tolerant of experiences she couldn't handle last year (like the movie--she couldn't tolerate the noise in a movie theater until recently).  She loves to write and draw and desperately wants to learn to read.  While her interest is mostly in reading/letters, she's a bit better at math and is doing fine working through the Kindergarten math book this year.  She's made friends with the neighborhood kids and is at ease playing with them now.  She still takes a 2-3 hour nap most days.  She does fine when she misses it every once in a while, but she seems to need that time to recharge most of the time.  She's learned to ride a bike and is more comfortable being in a swimming pool now.  She's excited to earn her second race medal in a couple of weeks (by doing a 1 mile run).  She seems to have developed a sense of empathy and talks about other people's feelings on a regular basis and apologizes without prompting when she makes a mistake.  The fearsome fours were still fearsome, but I think maybe easier than they were with the other girls.  That probably has a lot to do with the perspective 11 years of parenting experience gives you though.  Time to forge ahead to the fantastic fives!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Fun

Halloween has come and gone for another year!  Everyone still prefers painting to scooping pumpkin guts, so we once again painted pumpkins:

Sierra was very insistent that the picture show that her pumpkin has an ax in its eye
Secora did surprisingly well following a stencil
Apparently, Halloween pancakes are a tradition now because they started asking me for them the day before Halloween.  I did my best to make them each a pancake for their costume, but Katniss and Olaf were a little tricky

As we were walking out the door, I raided the dress up bin for a tutu and some wings, cause why not?
And we eventually made it out the door with our own Olaf, Katniss and kitty cat
I tracked our trick or treating on my garmin, because I was curious.  They covered 2 miles and came up with a lot more candy than last year.  Secora was a little less anonymous than she likes to be, there were a lot of "Awww! There's Olaf!!" comments everywhere she went.  And Sierra was a little irritated that a lot of people didn't recognize her as Katniss.  But at the end of the day, candy is candy and they got significantly more this year, so they were happy.


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