Friday, October 9, 2015


A certain amazing kiddo turned 11 today! She decided to go to the Houston Children's Museum for her birthday, so we did that earlier this week.

The night before we went, she had lots of fun with presents and cake:

She is a huge fan of the Rick Riordan books and has really been looking forward to his new book, which was released the day we were opening presents.  She was totally shocked that she had spent the entire day with me, but I'd still somehow come up with the book. (thank you amazon pre-orders)
The really big shock of the night though was that she got Josh's old phone.  She had no clue this was coming since she's never been told anything but, "no way" when she's asked about getting a phone.  This sweet, appreciative girl was actually moved to tears and has been following the rules she was given to a T.

After presents, we moved on to cookie cake.  Cookie Company did a good job.  She wanted a Hunger Games cake, but they aren't allowed to write the name on the cake.  Instead, they did a bow and arrow and also fire behind it.  She was very happy.  Her candles were quite persistent.  One in particular would NOT go out.  It was the source of many laughs and an exhausted birthday girl.
The next morning, there was a brief bout of drama when I threw my back out right before we left, but after copious amounts of anti-inflammatories and some car seat rearranging so that I could lay down on the drive, we were on our way.  And it was so worth it, the girls all had a blast and played until they were exhausted.

This wonderful young lady is mature beyond her years.  The last year has brought plenty of challenges and she's learned from them and grown.  She's a hard worker and a leader and I can't wait to see what the future brings!

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