Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sedona's First Triathlon

A few weeks ago, Sedona completed her first triathlon!!  That means she gets a chance to write her own race report.  I just have to say it's really amazing how many pictures of this kid ended up being "two feet off the ground" pictures.  I'd say she's hovering in at least half of the pictures I took!  And without further adieu, take it away Sedona.....

TriAggieland was the first race that I've ever done.  The day before the race, we practiced the bike course.  I rode it with daddy and I thought it was kind of hard, but daddy didn't think it was hard at all
The morning of the race, I was worried while we were warming up.

I was really worried waiting for the race to start. I had to wait a long time and I was worried because the water was really deep.
This is me almost getting into the water (to the right of the lifeguard, wearing a purple and pink cap)
Now I'm at the end of a lane.  For the first two laps, it was cold and it was hard, but then it was okay.  I swam 100 meters.
After the swim, I had to run to transition.  At this time, I was excited, I wasn't scared anymore

It was hard to find my bike in transition, I went down the wrong row of bikes and couldn't find my spot, but then I found it.  I put on my shoes and my helmet
Then I got my bike off the rack and started running to the mount line.  You can't get on your bike in transition, you have to be past the mount line before you get on
This is me in the middle of the bike course.  There were a lot of people cheering.  Momma and Daddy and Secora were cheering for me and so was Coach Sydney.
After the bike, I had to put my bike back up on the rack and get ready to run.
By the time I got near the end, I didn't want the triathlon to end because it was really fun

I ran half a mile
I felt really tired when I got close to the finish line, but lots of people were cheering and that made it easier

At the end, I got my medal and I was excited
After the finish, I got some water to drink and someone took my timing chip off my ankle for me
We also got a water bottle filled with candy
Coach Sydney has been helping me a lot this year and she was really proud of me.  There are lots of other coaches, but Coach Sydney is my coach.
Sierra did the race too.  She's a senior, so she did a longer race.  This is both of us at the end

I got fifth place for my age group!

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