Monday, July 20, 2015

Sedona is EIGHT!

Sedona is 8 years old today!  She's actually not spending her birthday at home though.  Earlier in the summer it worked out that the summer camp she was wanting to go to was going to be over her birthday.  We asked if that bothered her and she thought it was incredibly cool, so we went with it.  It helps that this camp celebrates birthdays.

So yesterday, we dropped her off to spend some time in a cabin in the woods.

When we got there we found there were quite a few daddy long legs living in the cabin.  I was hoping she wouldn't freak out.  She saw one crawling on the ledge next to the bed and got ALL excited, "Look! Spiders!! I have FRIENDS!!"  Goofy girl.

Before she left for camp though, we did lots of birthday celebrating.  We started out with her first slumber party a week before camp.  She had two friends over and had a blast having a water fight, making their own pizza, eating cupcakes, staying up until midnight, and just generally not being told no about much of anything.
 8 candles on a cupcake was a bit much.  She was a little worried we'd burn the house down when she couldn't get them all out
Sierra tricked her with a big box full of a lot of fake presents (junk mail circulars wrapped up) with the real presents hidden in there so she still had to open every single one.

Closer to her real birthday, she got her bigger presents, including the converse shoes and mp3 player that were her main requests
All in all, a great birthday even though it was spread over a week and not on her actual birthday.

Of course, this birthday post just wouldn't be complete without a look back, so I have to add in baby Sedona pictures too!

Happy birthday to a fabulous girl who's always been full of life, energy and laughs.  She tells us she thinks she may not go to college, she might live in a trailer and travel the country selling coffee instead.  I can see this happening.  I can see her enjoying her life and spreading joy to others without a care in the world about what "normal" lives are like.  I'm pretty sure she's gonna be just fine no matter what she decides to do as she gets older.

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