Monday, June 22, 2015

Southeast Road Trip, Days 8-10

Once we arrived at our destination, we had 2 nights to spend with Josh's parents and 2 nights to spend with his brother.  I didn't take a lot of pictures here because we spent most of our time just hanging out and catching up, but I did play around with my father-in-law's super fancy telephoto lens for an afternoon while the girls hung out with their grandparents

Practicing my spy skills, I was about 1/4 mile away and spotted the big girls walking with Grammy
 I was also sitting on the porch and taking a picture of this flower out in the field, when I spotted a fly taking a drinking through the lens

 Then I did some bug stalking

 Sierra got some practice with large scale mowing

 Secora and grandpa spent some time watching a Daniel Tiger episode about empathy and then practicing expressing different emotions (can you guess who Sedona gets her personality from?)

Secora also took over the camera for a while
We enjoyed a couple days of rest and relaxation while the kids hung out with the grandparents.  There was much sleeping, eating food Grammy cooked for us and watching of food network.

On day 9, we moved on to visit Uncle Coo and Aunt Jen Jen

Sierra is very fortunate to be able to borrow Aunt Jen Jen's bike because she had just about outgrown hers.  Sedona is also fortunate because this means she inherits Sierra's road bike.  Sierra set right to work cleaning up the bike
After Josh did a little bike mechanic work on it, it was ready for a test spin!

Secora spent most of her time chasing kitty cats and being Aunt Jen Jen's helper in the kitchen

There was also cousin time for the first time in over 4 years!  Between our nephew being away at college and the difficulties of traveling with Secora, all 5 of these cousins haven't been together since we met up in Utah when Secora was a baby.
And on day 10, we finally had the whole reason for the trip, our niece's high school graduation!  The girls, being the unsocialized homeschoolers that they are, were fascinated by this whole exercise.  They were super impressed by how grown-up their cousin is now.  They decided the waiting and the ceremony was a bit long for them though and they were fine with continuing to homeschool and skipping the whole high school graduation thing as long as we still got them a cap to throw in the air.  We'll see if they change their tune when they're teenagers.
Much too soon, it was time to head for home.  The girls were completely wiped out by this time.  They had their first migraines of the trip (quickly curbed with imitrex and a little extra sleep) this last morning and when we put them to bed that last night, they all fell asleep pretty much as soon as their heads hit their pillows.

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