Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Junior High!

It has recently come to my attention that I am about to have a child in JUNIOR HIGH.  I'm not quite sure why this hadn't come to my attention sooner.  Probably that whole homeschooling thing and the lack of forms and preparations for entering a new school.

Not long ago though, Sierra bridged from Juniors to Cadettes in Girl Scouts and that, my friends, means I'm about to have a middle schooler on my hands.  How in the world did this happen?

The first of the end of year festivities was the awards dinner, where Sierra and the other juniors in our troop were presented with their bronze pins.
 The bronze award is the highest award a Junior can earn and it requires doing a big service project with the other girls in the troop.  I was really proud of these girls for their eagerness to tackle the task.  After completing one of their journeys and learning about the backpack program at our local food bank, they decided that's the program they wanted to help out.  The backpack program provides local kids at risk of hunger with a bag of easy to prepare foods on Friday afternoons so that they have food over the weekend.  The girls helped pack these bags at the food bank and learned a little about what is included and why and then they set to work raising money to donate to the program.  After a lemonade stand, a door hanger campaign and a car wash, they were able to give $470 (enough to supply 67 packs!) and 53 backpacks to the program.

A few weeks later, it was time for our end of year party.  I did a (very homemade) bridging cake to celebrate our Juniors moving up to Cadettes (we also have brownies that weren't bridging this year).  It was a lot harder to get khaki colored icing than I anticipated, but whatever, it tasted good!
Sierra was the first older girl in the troop, so she got to be first with bridging.  Our lovely troop leader took the time to get the girls a small gift for each level of girl scouts they'd done.  So Sierra got a brownie, junior mints and Hershey kisses (with a silver wrapper...because the silver award is the highest award a Cadette can earn)
Then it was time to trade in that Junior vest for the new Cadette one!
Lots of blank space to fill up!  Sierra is very excited to get to work, she has already been reading up on the requirements to earn a Silver Award.  I'm very proud of her for the motivation she has shown to continue with big service projects.  These higher level awards are not easy to earn, they take a lot of thought, planning and time.  While I have been the mentor leading these girls through their badge work and bronze awards, the girls themselves are growing up so fast and doing a great job slowly taking over the reins and learning to make their own plans and be leaders.

So bring on junior high!!  Next thing I know, she'll be a teenager...gulp!

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