Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Teeth

Secora's teeth started hurting (they hadn't been before), so on a Monday morning, it was decided to move up her dental work appointment by several weeks and do everything that Thursday.  That created a bit of a whirlwind week since we had to fit in a pre-op appointment with her doctor and do all of the surgery pre-registration stuff at the hospital and make some last minute childcare arrangements.

Everything went well.  It was more than a bit nerve wracking for everyone involved to have her wheeled out of her pre-op room on a gurney while mom and dad stayed behind.  And then there was a really long nearly 2 hour wait before the dentist finished with her and could come tell us how it went.
Pretty much everything was according to plan, the x-rays didn't reveal anything we couldn't already see on the surface.  She needed 5 baby root canals (and caps) and had 4 other teeth with widespread but shallow cavities that also had to be capped.  And one tooth we were hoping to do a root canal on that was infected and had to be pulled and a spacer put in.

We've had many many visits from the tooth fairy in our house and since those baby tooth roots dissolve, you kinda forget just how big a baby tooth can be.  Ginormous it turns out.
That might be partly because it had 4 roots (apparently there are only supposed to be 2?  There are 2 on each side fused together)
And that poor little tooth was in sad, sad, shape
Everyone we talk to is still shocked her teeth went from fine to so seriously decayed so quickly.

The poor girl now has a missing molar and all of the rest of them capped.  Kids get pre-fabricated caps, so they are a close fit but not quite perfect.  Can you imagine having ill fitting crowns on ALL of your molars?  Needless to say, she was not amused.  The dentist did tell us that typically kids would be eating normally within a couple of days of getting this much work done, but in her case he expected a week.  It did take just at a week to get her back to her regular diet.  It takes a little more prodding to get her to eat and she complains that it feels different and she doesn't like it, but she's eating most of the foods she ate before the was done.

The tooth fairy did reward her handsomely. Twenty dollars in one dollar bills left by Momma and Daddy's bed (where she spent the night) and another stack of cash by HER bed (where Grandma and Papaw spent the night).  She felt good enough the next morning to shriek about her good fortune and she's convinced she's got $100 now.  It's also a rare instance where the littlest sister gets a "first" in the family.  First molar lost.  She beat Sierra to that by exactly one week.

This week we got our start date for the intensive feeding program (along with a detailed explanation of the stages she'll work through in therapy), so hopefully she'll come around on eating without complaints before that starts and/or they can help with it.

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