Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Goals Wrap-Up

My computer decided to die right after Christmas, so it's taken me Josh a while to fix things up so I can get pictures on here and write up the regular end of year posts.

First up is the 2014 goals wrap-up, because all I need is basic internet connectivity to do that!

1) Rank in the top 10 in my age group in a sprint triathlon. I did technically accomplish this by getting 5th place out of 18 at Bucket List Tri.  This is billed as a beginner's triathlon though, so it wasn't as competitive as the race I was really hoping to do this at.  The race I wanted to meet this goal at got moved up by 3 months, so I did not get to train as well as I'd planned before it.   My rough goal was a 10:30 400m swim, a 41:00 12mile bike, and a 32:00 5K run with transitions in the 2-3 minute range.  When I look back at all my races this year, I met that goal on the swim (at Bucket List Tri), was 2 minutes too slow on the bike (at Tejas Tri) and was 2 minutes too slow on the run (at Tri Aggieland).  My transitions have improved and tend to range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.  If I'd put all my races together into one super race with a moderately competitive field, I probably would've been good!

2) Redo the header at the top of my blog. Done!  Now I really need to work on cleaning up everything else.

3) Finish school by the end of May. I think we did, but I honestly could not tell you at this point whether we did or not.  Which just goes to show you how important it is to stick to some arbitrary date, I guess.

4) Take some sort of first-aid and/or CPR training. Done!  I took a CPR/FA course so I'd have it for Girl Scouts this year.

5) Pay at least $1,000 extra on student loans. Nope.  Did pay about $300 extra.  We have discovered Josh qualifies for a student loan forgiveness program because all of the work he's done since graduation has been in government positions, so we got the ball rolling on that and he has to put in a few more years of work before it can be done, but there's not a financial point in paying more than the minimum in the meantime.  There is a small chunk that doesn't qualify for the program that we'll still be working on, but at 2% interest, the savings is so small it's hard to be motivated to do much extra.

Not all that bad.  I've got some 2015 goals bouncing around, some of them might end up being less concrete.  Definitely something triathlon related and something stress reduction related.  Maybe a better school record keeping goal now that Sierra is getting to middle school.  I do better with something to DO instead of trying to limit something, but some sort of social media limit goal is probably in order too.  Time will tell, I've got to work on those Christmas posts before grandparents start hunting me down for pictures!

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