Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Secora is turning four today!  For several weeks she tried to convince us she was going to be some other age, usually 6.  She finally accepted the fact that she has to go through four first though. 
She's talking constantly about "getting bigger", she has hit that, "I am not a baby, I do it my ownself" stage. 
She's been doing speech and feeding therapy for the last 18 months and made great strides on speech.  Feeding is a bit of a different story, she made progress for a while then started dropping foods like crazy.  Her speech therapist suggested we take her to clinic in Dallas that incorporates speech, OT, psych and dietician.  She has her evaluation there in December and we'll see what their suggestions are. 
She is really wanting to learn her letters, constantly asking me what sounds different letters make and asking me to help her write certain letters.  It's very similar to Sierra at that age.  She likes counting too, but I think we probably have another big reader on our hands. 
She says her favorite color is orange.  Her favorite TV shows are Daniel Tiger, Thomas and Curious George.  Her favorite food is dried mangos.  After about a year of trying, she has gotten comfortable with the neighbor kids and likes to go out and throw the ball them.  She's comfortable with Walter now even though he's still 3 times her size.  The gym her sisters take gymnastics at starts classes at 4 years old and she's considering signing up in the spring.  She likes to run "weawy fast" and practice hopping on one foot.  She wants to do what's asked of her and generally listens the first time you tell her to do something, but always as soon as you say her name sternly and give her the "momma look".
She seems not quite full-fledged "fearsome four" at the moment (four totally beats out "terrible two") and I'm a bit hopeful it's going to stay that way, but I'm not holding my breath.  The good news is the flipside of those four year old tantrums is a cutie pie snuggle bug.

Happy 4th Birthday Big Girl!!

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