Thursday, October 9, 2014

Double Digits

We officially have a child in the double digits.  That's right, this little girl (all decked out to go watch her first soccer game):
Has grown into this ten year old young lady:
She wants boots for her birthday.  When pressed for more ideas, she came up with a book light, pretty much every Rick Riordan book ever published and clothes.  Pretty down to earth for a kid in this day and age. 
She is excited to be ten because it means she's "almost a pre-teen!!!"  She had a great year filled with some pretty big leaps.  Her first (and second and third) triathlon, first (and second) time to go to sleep away camp, a move to much more rigorous schoolwork, and completed her girl scout bronze award
There was also plenty of hanging around the house, going to theater and gymnastics classes, running around outside, learning to cook new things, reading books, doing art projects and watching TV.
She has decided she likes broccoli, but prefers it roasted with bacon.  Her favorite lunches are still grilled cheese, mac and cheese or oatmeal.  She still wakes up at 7am nearly every day regardless of how late she went to bed the night before or how much energy she spent the previous day.  She'll insist she "slept in" if she gets up at 7:10. 
She's looking forward to an evening eating out and going to gymnastics practice.  This weekend it's ice skating with friends, an activity she's been looking forward to since a friend's birthday party nearly a year ago. 

She is kind and considerate, mature beyond her years and working on finding her own way in the world.  Here's to the next ten years!

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