Thursday, October 16, 2014


We have all these little daisy looking weeds in our front yard that our neighbors probably expect us to poison like good suburbanites, but the bees LOVE them and bees are important, so they're not getting poisoned. 

The other day, the girls went outside to play and were rather distressed that there were "swarms" of bees.  There were probably about 50 of them in a rather small area, but they were busy little bees, not the least bit interested in the humans. So instead of just letting the girls come back inside, I took my camera out and sat next to the flowers and we had a talk about leaving the bees alone so they don't bother you and how important they are to food production.

Caught some pretty cool pictures in the process:

Fall is here and these little honey bees (well, I think that first one is a carpenter bee) seem to be preparing to store up lots of honey for winter!

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