Sunday, September 28, 2014

Plot Study Day

I have things to blog about now, just no time to actually blog them!  We have been staying completely on track with our school schedule, which is a fall miracle.  Well, we were on track until I got sick this week, anyway, we have a little bit of catch-up to do today.  I also planned and executed a girl scout journey sleepover.  And I prepared and taught a continuing education class.  And I made a lot of phone calls and emails to get all the right paperwork to the right place for Secora to be evaluated by a feeding program.

But while I work on all of those posts, I have pictures to share of Plot Study Day.  Both of the girls are working through Life Science/Biology from Pandia Press this year.  Sedona is doing level 1 and Sierra is doing level 2.  I changed the course schedule so their lab experiments overlap whenever possible (Sierra's are more in depth, but I can often do the same lab and Sedona just has easier questions about it to answer).  This week, it was time to do a plot study.

Sierra was, of course, very serious about it.  Until she realized hers needed to be "real" and actually catalog ALL the things she found in the plot, then she was very annoyed and lost interest.  (these are herbs and sweet potatoes we're growing in the front yard, not weeds gone wild)
Sedona's lab sheet was much less time intensive and she had a great time getting out the hand lens and hunting down different plants and animals
Secora was told she could come outside to play and the next time I looked up, she had found herself a clipboard, piece of paper and a pencil.  She is most determined to grow up as quickly as she can.
I was hopeful that the more I could overlap the girls' lessons, especially in science and history, the better off we would be, but it seems like it's not really saving much time.  I've come to the conclusion schooling more than one child in elementary/middle school years is just an all day job no matter what you do.  This is fine, I definitely want to do it right, not do it fast.  I had just gotten a little too used to the short days of years past. 

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