Sunday, August 31, 2014

Free ABC Coloring Sheets

Secora has been asking me questions about letter sounds recently, and she always wants to paint.  I decided it would be a good idea for one of her work trays to include letter sound coloring sheets that she can paint with paint daubers.  As usual, these are available for free to anyone who wants to use them.  I only ask that you share the link to this post rather than sharing the sheets directly.

A few notes
  • I tried to find pictures that wouldn't be confusing for my child.  For instance, I used dinosaur instead of dog because she will think, "puppy dog" when she sees a dog picture.  Other kids may need different pictures. 
  • I tried to use pictures that wouldn't use a ton of ink, but the letter edges are pretty thick, so you may still want to print draft quality to minimize ink usage.
  • I made the sounds coincide with the All About Reading program that we use, so instead of "q", there is a "qu" and all of the vowels have a picture that illustrates their short sound.  I've also added on some two letter phonograms at the end of the set. 
  • Because children will see lower case letters more than upper case letters in reading, we always start by teaching lower case letters first.  We only add in upper case letters after they're starting to get the hang of the sounds.  Accordingly, this set only includes lower case letters because that's where we're at for the moment. 
  • I use these with one letter per page so she can easily paint them.  An older child or one more interested in coloring than painting might benefit from printing 4 pages to a sheet so the letters are smaller. 
 Now for the link!  Go here to download your own full set of letter coloring sheets!

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