Monday, July 21, 2014

Seven Years Flies By!

Sedona celebrated her 7th birthday this weekend!  Seven seems like such a big birthday.  Even though she's going into 2nd grade this year, for some reason 7 seems like the "definitely school aged" age to me.

Here's little miss goofball when she was just over a year old.  She would do this all the time while she was watching me cook dinner.
And at 3 years old, showing off some work she had done
5 years old and ready to officially start school:
Saturday she woke up to the surprise news that we were finally letting her get a bearded dragon.  She has been asking for one for over a year.  We tried to appease her with an anole, but that didn't stop the beardie requests.  Finally we told her she had to show us she could take care of the anole for an extended period of time.  She did, and immediately reminded us that meant we'd consider a bearded dragon.  It just so happened the pet store was having a sale on reptile supplies for July, so that made getting the set-up a little cheaper. 
Everyone was fascinated with watching it gobble up crickets:
Later in the day, she had a joint party with a girl from her scout troop.  They got to bowl, play arcade games and enjoy cupcakes and pizza with friends

She told us today that she had been thinking about it and it was probably the best birthday ever...she couldn't say it was definitely the best though because some future birthday might be better.  She is a silly, active, creative, lovable little girl.  She is still constantly on the move, and is definitely the Tigger of the family.  She still wants to snuggle all the time.  She is always coming up with crazy stories and ideas, creative crafts and new games to play.  She is generally very empathetic (sometimes not so much when little sister is being annoying) and gets really upset if someone is mean to a bug or lizard.  She says she's going to play with bugs when she grows up.  She is a math whiz, and catches on quickly to any math concept.  She did a math screening this year and the assessor actually stopped her early because she had gone so far past her grade level then said her score was one of the highest she's seen.  She is starting to show more interest in reading books on her own, but reading takes more effort and is not her favorite.  She works hard and is making great progress.  She took off in swim lessons this year.  After showing no particular talent in the past, this year she was dolphin kicking her way across the pool (without being told to or shown how) and earning, "wow!! she's a little fish!" remarks from her teacher.  She is loving girl scouts and went to sleep away camp for the first time earlier this summer.  I was really worried about how she would do, but she loved it and made it through without any homesickness troubles.  She went a half week this year, but says she thinks she'll be ready for a full week next year.

It will be interesting to see what 7 brings, Sedona is always full of surprises!

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