Thursday, July 10, 2014

Newest Quilt Plan

Blogging seems to be falling by the wayside more and more as the kids get older, we're either too busy for me to sit down and put a post together or so settled in a comfortable routine (like with homeschooling) that there's not anything all that interesting to post!  I'll keep at it, but not sure I'll ever be back to a-post-a-day frequency. 

My latest project is a new quilt.  After saying I'd be hard pressed to ever make another king sized quilt, here it is less than a year later and I'm working on a king sized quilt.  At least, something close to king sized.

We have a lot of large blankets that no one wants to lay out in a field for a picnic or to watch fireworks or an outdoor movie.  I decided we needed a large, dedicated blanket for summertime activities.  I started looking for one-day quilt patterns and came across this beauty of scrappy LOVE blocks.   This type of quilt is right up my alley.  No measuring, uses up lots of scraps, and no worrying about it coming out a little wonky.  I mulled it over for a couple of days and then I came up with the idea of also including our names in the quilt. 

To say I was excited at the idea is a bit of an understatement.  I immediately sat down with graph paper and colored pencils and got to work planning
 I wasn't trying to match colors at all, I was just wanting to plan a layout that would work.  My father-in-law had the great idea to add in star blocks to represent Texas when he saw the plan, so I think I'm going to do that in each corner, I just have to decide on a design for them.

I set to work making blocks and it was so quick and easy and liberating to just grab what I wanted and sew it together without worrying about anything being a certain size or even sewed in a straight line.  Not sure if I'll end up actually putting these four particular letters together in a block, but here's a little preview
I've mostly been working on L, O, V and E blocks since I need the most of those, but I figured the K for my name would be the most challenging block to put together, so I did that one to get it out of the way.  I'm really happy with how it turned out!
I've learned my lesson about saying I'll be done with a quilt by a certain time, but this does go so fast when I have time to work on it, so there's hope it could be done this year!


Veronica said...

I recognize some of those scraps! Makes me super happy to see them used to spell, "LOVE". :)

The Hills said...

I think this quilt will end up being mostly your scraps! I've pulled in some other things just for different colors, but the stuff you gave me is perfect for this project!


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