Monday, June 2, 2014

Race Report: Ranger Tri

We have a guest blogger today!  Sierra competed in the Ranger Tri a few weeks ago.  It was her first triathlon and she did a great job!  From a parent's perspective, it was a well organized and safe triathlon for even inexperienced kids to participate in.  The race benefits the Texas School for the Deaf and the race director designs and makes the medals and trophies himself with the end result being unique rewards with some cool symbolism behind them.  I would definitely be happy to attend this race again next year and recommend it to others. It's always nice to hear the athlete perspective though and I was curious what Sierra would have to say in her own words, so I asked if she'd write up a race report for the blog.  She picked the pictures and the rest of this post is straight from her! 

Waiting the swim. I was nervous.  The pool was about twelve feet deep and I had never swam in deep water but it turned out to be ok.  The distance was 100 yards.

Getting out of the water was crazy because I could not get my cap off.
Biking was fun but the race was in Austin so there were hills.  They weren't too steep, but then when you went down hill you got to go racing fast.  The bike distance was 2.2 miles.
Getting into  transition was easy.
Getting out of transition to the run I was tired. The distance was two laps around the track, which is half of a mile.

Finishing was awesome!
Also, our team's tent flew over into transition, which was crazy. The End

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Carolyn said...

You rock Sierra!


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