Thursday, May 8, 2014

Easter Fun

As the kids get older, life keeps getting busier, so I'm just a tad late posting about our Easter activities. Here is a quick run-down just so my blog stays in chronological order.  We are entering a traveling season of life again and I have a LONG post about our latest trip coming up in the next day or two!

Cookie decorating.  Secora is ALL ABOUT "me do it my own self" now.  She is 3, and she is grown, dang it.
Egg decorating.  Not sure if the kids were just tired or burned out on eggs.  They had fun, but seemed more bored with it than in past years.  Not that you can tell based on Sedona's picture up there, but she's that excited about life in general.

Easter baskets.  This is where they get all the fun, non-candy stuff.  New bubbles and sidewalk chalk were a big hit this year.
Egg hunt time! Secora is almost ready to run with the big girls.  She still gets a head start for the time being, but I think that might not be necessary next year.  Especially because her sisters insist on helping her out. 

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