Friday, March 7, 2014

Media Resources for RSO Life Science Level 1

I have a biology degree and Josh has a PhD in microbial and molecular pathogenesis, so we're kind of picky about our science. We've been using science curricula from Pandia Press* for the last three years.  Overall, we've been very happy with it and we have already purchased level 2 biology to use next year.  A few weeks ago, someone posted on their facebook page wondering if anyone had come up with a list aligning science programs available on netflix and youtube with the lesson plan.  No one knew of anything like that, so I decided to fill in the gap.  I am working on creating a list for all of the level 1 programs and will probably get the others up next week.  Because we do life science first, when the kids are younger, I kept the resources for this one a little more on the entertaining side.  The other lists include more documentary-type resources along with some fun songs and short videos.   

Here is the link where you can download the RSO Life Science resource list for free.  Please share the link to this blog post rather than sharing the download directly.  Enjoy!

*Affiliate link, but it just so happens they're having a 25% off March Madness sale!

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Crafting with Nicole said...

Thank you so much for this list!!! I am going to be starting RSO life level 1 in September and was lookings for a list just like this!! I am going to be using History Odyssey also, so i purchased a bunch of books for that.


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