Monday, March 24, 2014

Camping Trip

It's been a while since we've had a regular ol' daily life post around here (and a blog design update, but I'm working on that).  A few weeks ago, the girls and I went on a girl scout troop camp out.  This was their first real camping trip with the troop and they were incredibly excited
I don't have a lot of pictures to share because it was raining the entire time, so the camera wasn't out much and most of the pictures have other kids in them.

The big girls were working on their camping and junior aide badges, so when we arrived, I just handed them their tent and they set it up mostly by themselves.  Unfortunately, it turned out they didn't actually sleep in it, we played musical tents to make sure there was an adult in every tent since the weather just deteriorated as the day/night went on. 
The little girls were doing their last journey before they bridge from Daisies to Brownies.  At one point, a hike was necessary.  Sedona really likes hiking through nature, which you can tell from her reaction as the troop leader explained that the next activity was a hike:
This whole journey involved a lot of talk about dirt and plants, Sedona was pretty much thrilled the entire time.  She was definitely in her element.
The big girls had to do some of the planning and cooking.  I took them to do the grocery shopping for the trip and they helped make cowboy stew for dinner
A quick dinner in the cold rain, a pitiful attempt at s'mores, and everyone was ready to head to their tents to change into warm clothes and bundle up in their sleeping bags

Until they decided they needed to run to the bathroom, anyway.  Let me tell ya, it was super awesome to get out in the rain and run through the dark woods, twice, in my dry clothes.  I was proud of the girls though.  They've done a fair bit of camping, but never in the rain.  We ended up with rain most of the night, 10-15mph winds, plus it got down to 40 degrees.  Camping in the rain is okay, camping in the cold is okay, camping in the rain and cold is less than pleasant.  They stuck it out though.  I told them they had the option to go home, or if only one wanted to leave, Josh could come pick them up.  They wanted to stay though and are even looking forward to their next camping trip!

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