Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This Blog's Not Dead Yet!

Life keeps getting in the way of blogging, which is how it should be, so whatever.  We've been up to quite a lot.  Mostly school and therapy appointments and potty training and the usual mayhem.

Earlier in the month, we had the Texas version of a snow day.  Not much snow, but wind chills in the teens.  

Then our regular Texas spring finally appeared and everyone was very excited to get out t-shirts and bikes.

Walter had an epic battle with a basketball...a battle which he lost, but it appears he won the war. 
Sierra learned short division and finally understands why I harassed her about learning her multiplication facts backwards and forwards last year.
We sold a lot of girl scout cookies (in fact, we still are through the weekend if anyone local wants any!)
And we soaked up more sunshine

With the winter being more wintry than normal, we're all looking forward to spring truly arriving.  I know it's on its way because Sedona brought a handful of bugs into the house last week.  We don't need groundhogs here, when you find yourself saying, "Sedona! Leave the bugs outside!" you know nature is coming out of hibernation. 

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