Friday, January 17, 2014

Girl Scout Cookie Goals

We are starting up another girl scout cookie season in our area.  I'm our troop's cookie mom and Sierra is determined to sell 1,000 boxes this year.  So basically, I'm drowning in cookies.  I decided to make up goal charts for the girls where they can mark off how many boxes they've sold and see how many more they need to sell to meet their goal.  Big numbers get too abstract for little kids pretty quick, so I thought this would help them visualize where they're at.  If you'd like to print out a chart for your own girl scout, you can download at the links below.  For the 650+ goals, you'll see there are actually two separate charts in the file (one up to 500, and another for the boxes over 500) so that you can tape the papers together without the chart getting too long.  

Help yourself!

75 boxes
125 boxes
200 boxes
300 boxes
400 boxes
500 boxes
650 boxes
800 boxes
1000 boxes

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