Thursday, January 16, 2014

Deja School

One of the most interesting things about school this year is Sedona is in first grade, which means she has now started to repeat the lessons Sierra has done at home.  It's fun to see Sedona put her own unique spin on things and it also helps with making Sedona seem more grown up and Sierra more young (surely we aren't the only family where the oldest child is always seen as the most responsible and capable while the younger ones always seem young).

Recently, Sedona finished up Ancient Egypt for her history lessons, so she had a chance to make her own mummy and ancient Egyptian date candy. 

Six year old Sierra insisted on making a sarcophagus for her mummy, six year old Sedona wanted a CT scanner for hers.

The date candy was a big hit.  She loved making it and kept going back to eat more of it all afternoon

Secora even liked the date candy, so that gives us another option to get more foods in her.  As part of the candy making lesson, we talked about the difference in making things like this now versus 3,000 years ago.  Much to my surprise, she decided she preferred a mortar and pestle to a food processor for grinding almonds and eventually made almond butter by hand.  I guess I know how to use up some of her energy now...

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