Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gobble Gobble!

We've had a nice, mostly relaxing Thanksgiving at home this year. I made a lot of progress on the latest quilt, did one last long run before the marathon, got the family budget balanced, bills paid, December grocery shopping done and we've finished most of the Christmas shopping. Plenty of playing card games and reading books together too.

Josh did a lot of kid wrangling and dog training and worked on installing new flooring in our backroom.  This has to be done because we discovered after the flood several weeks ago that not only was the floor still wet from that flood, there were sections that could not have possibly gotten wet from that flood that were wet.  It all had to be torn out, carted outside and concrete cleaned so we could put in something more suitable for the conditions of the room. 

The dark spots on there are just leaves that got tracked in.  There was a small snafu with figuring out which adhesive was going to work best, so it's still a work in progress, but will be done soon.

Ironically, he was installing flooring on a previous thanksgiving too, hopefully this doesn't become tradition.

Before Thanksgiving, I had seen an idea on pinterest to put the kids' handprints on a table runner each year to have as a memento.   I liked the idea and I happened to have yards and yards of a orange and brown plaid I inherited from my grandmother's sewing stash.  I made a runner long enough to cover the table with the leaf in it (and hold many years of kids' and probably grandkids' handprints) and worked on adding the handprints.
I used regular acrylic paint with textile medium mixed in
To get a neater print, I painted the girls' hands rather than having them dip into a puddle of paint
They thought it was super cool
And after watching her sisters, Secora even let me do her hand
There was a little bit of trepidation about the paint part, but she LOVES seeing her handprint on the table
I added the year at the end, and am still debating if I'm going to label the prints with their names or not.  It's pretty easy to tell them apart for now.
While we were doing that, Josh smoked a turkey all morning.  He's been smoking turkey for us for several years now and he does an amazing job of it
I made up all the sides and desserts and we sat down to enjoy dinner, complete with my grandmother's china
The big girls asked for the drumsticks, but Sedona is newly front tooth-less, so she traded her's in for sliced turkey pretty quickly
Sierra stuck with her drumstick, which means I have another picture to add to my list.  Sierra and drumstick at 9:
Sierra and drumstick at 7:
At my father-in-law's urging, I even have Sierra and drumstick at 6 weeks:
Apparently the tryptophan hits pretty quick, she looks dazed in every turkey eating picture I have of her.

All in all it was a great long weekend and now we're gearing up for Christmas and this year's gingerbread house party!!

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