Monday, December 16, 2013

Gingerbread Houses 2013!

Another year, another gingerbread party!  This year I made 22 houses.  We had several kiddos get sick and have to pick up their houses to do at home though, so we had smaller groups actually decorating at our house this year.   Because our weather has been unusually cold, we added in a little hot chocolate bar this year where we set out hot water, instant hot chocolate and apple cider, and marshmallows with disposable coffee cups.  My only real regret with that was that I couldn't find small insulated cups with lids, so I had 12oz cups, but 8oz would've been better.   
As usual, dots were the favorite candy.  I finally had enough this year, I bought 12 boxes and there was about half a box leftover.
Secora took a long time to warm up to all the people around, but she did eventually decorate her own house
Secora with her finished house

Sedona was Sedona and several people commented that her house was a very accurate reflection of her personality.  She went with a layering method this year in an attempt to cover her house with as much candy as possible.
Sierra's house was a little more low-key, but did show the scene of a tragic climbing accident.  That's a gingerbread man near the top of the house, a "rope" of m&ms and then the unlucky fall victim on the ground.  Merry Christmas?
She was very amped up and hanging out with friends every time I took a picture, so I don't have a lot of her I can share on the blog.

Overall, another successful year! 

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