Saturday, December 28, 2013

Finished Quilt

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! There are Christmas and year-end posts in the pipeline, but first, I have to follow-up about the quilt I started about 6 weeks before Christmas. To give credit where credit is due, this is not my idea or design.  I saw the idea here and I used a cross stitch design I found online and made each square on the design a 1-inch square on the quilt.  6,400 squares later, I had assembled sixty-four ten-inch blocks. 
This picture was taken around 10 or 11pm on December 21.  We open presents on Christmas Eve and from this point on, I couldn't do much work on the quilt during the day while Sedona was awake, so I had a few "all nighters" ahead of me.  This night, I stayed up until 3am sewing all of the blocks together (and doing a little quilt surgery when we realized I had one of those 6,400 squares in the wrong place. It would have driven me nuts to leave it).

The 22nd, I pre-washed my backing fabric during the day...and realized it was too small once it shrunk.  I just about cried in the fabric store when I couldn't find any more of it, but on my 3rd pass searching through the shelves, I found the last 2.5 yards in the store.  My next problem was how to quilt it.  Josh had a brilliant plan to quilt "Twilight Sparkle" in cursive over and over.  I wish I'd had a week or two, because that would have looked awesome, but after doing it the first time, it became clear I wouldn't be able to finish that before Christmas.  After breaking the pretty variegated purple thread I'd picked numerous times and wrestling with my machine and realizing it was already 10:30 at night, I just put plain white polyester thread in the machine and set out to stipple the whole thing. That kept me up until 3:30am.

The 23rd, I made my own binding (for the first time, it was surprisingly easy) and got it onto the quilt in about 2 hours total. 

I think it came out pretty cool.  And Sedona was so excited she pretty much completely freaked out:


Svetlana said...

what a fantastic quilt. I love all the gorgeous colors and how perfectly it all worked out, and your backing is adorable, too. Just beautiful.

Nemiisiz said...

was it hard using the smaller one inch size little squares? I fixing to start one but the smaller the squares the better it looked, but I didn't know if it was a pain.

The Hills said...

It's not difficult, it's just a lot of seams to sew, so it's time intensive. I saved time by stacking fabric to cut it, using speed piecing/strip quilting techniques where it was possible and chain piecing. I hate pinning and normally avoid it as much as possible, but it was necessary to use lots of pins to keep all those seams lined up.

nemiisiz said...

Thanks you so much I am gonna go in-all or nothing, haha. I hope mine looks as good as yours :)


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