Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Fun!

We had a great time celebrating Christmas.  We had my parents and my brother and his family over for a big dinner on Christmas Eve, then presents and grandma and pa-paw stayed the night (which the girls were super excited about) and we woke up Christmas morning to find stockings filled by Santa. 
Secora very happy to get a Thomas mega blocks set
Sierra's new bike, she's completely enthralled with her new ability to change gears
Secora also got a bike and has since figured out how to pedal it
Checking out a stamp set
Santa was left cookies and an apple (this was a step up, they were insisting on salad earlier in the week) because he "really needs to start eating healthier".  Santa tried the apple, but decided to stick with finishing off the cookies instead
Stockings! Sierra learned about the spirit of Santa this year and got to help fill her sisters' stockings, which she thought was incredibly cool and grown-up.
Of course, when you keep the spirit alive, Santa still fills your stocking too.
Our Christmas morning tradition, homemade cinnamon rolls.
Secora helping to assemble her new workbench
Sierra and Sedona looking at prepared slides on their new microscope
Sierra tuning her guitar
Never takes long for the toys to become communal around here.  Occasionally the actual owner will put her foot down and "pull rank", so to speak, but generally they share exceptionally well.  Everyone has spent plenty of time creating things with the work bench, in particular.

It was a really great couple of days and we've also been fortunate that Josh has 12 days off for the holidays this year.  We might all have some withdrawl issues when he goes back to work!

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