Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Goals Wrap-Up

Overall, 2013 went a lot better than 2012 and it shows on my yearly goals results:

1) Have the full year of lesson plans put together by the end of August.  Check!  I was putting in a lot of lesson planning hours at the end of the summer, but I got this done.  Our school year got seriously derailed when the house flooded and our school room was turned upside down (well, not literally, but might as well have been), but because of all the plans I already had done, we're easily making up lost ground.

2) Pay at least an extra $2500 to student loans on top of regular payments.  Fail.  Secora's hospital and therapy bills have added up to $1500 (above regular medical bills and not counting pediasure) since May.   When Josh finished his post-doc and moved to a permanent job, the new job didn't cover any health insurance premium for 3 months so we paid all that out of pocket.  We could have skipped our trip to Great Wolf and saved about $600 (would have if it were possible to still cancel and keep our money when the house flooded), but we needed a break.  Repairs from the house flood have been another $1700.  In short, it was totally reachable when I set the goal, but big things kept happening and then we chose to relieve stress in the short term rather than pinch every penny.  We paid about $500 extra, but I definitely want to get more serious next year. 

3) Blog more consistently. My goal was to blog 3 times per week, but my measure of success was to see a traffic jump by June that maintained for the rest of the year.  I didn't blog more, but I did blog smarter, so I have seen that traffic increase I was looking for and I'll call this one a success.

4) Market my lactation practice more effectively.  Word of mouth mostly accomplished this for me, but I did surpass the "more than one new client a month" goal and ended up with just about the level of work I could comfortably maintain.  I took on 24 more one-on-one clients in 2013, plus taught several classes and accepted several emails-only clients.  Just because the kids are another year older, I think I could comfortably take on about 30-36 clients in 2014.

5) Finish the quilt.  Yes! Done!

Four out of five, not bad at all!  I was also much healthier this year, getting into and sticking with an exercise routine I enjoyed that made a noticeable difference in both my physical and mental health. Now to look forward to 2014!

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