Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Secora's Birthday

We had a little birthday party for Secora yesterday.  She's not real big on being around crowds of people, so it was just us and Grandma and Pa-paw

Opening presents all by herself without any help
I wish I could have gotten a picture of her face, but she was so excited, she kept the book up where she could look at it.  This is one of the David books.  Her speech therapist introduced her to them to teach her to use negatives in her speech and now she wants to read them all the time
Getting a card that sings.  She opened it, shut it real quick and made this face while saying, "wow."  It was totally a "wow.  that's a noisy card" type of wow.  Funniest thing she said all afternoon.
Socks!!  She has to have socks on ALL the time.  She loves getting new socks and last Christmas, my brother got a pack of socks, which she promptly stole and hid in another part of the house. 
Another David book!
She got her own razor scooter because she kept ditching her three wheel scooter and stealing her sisters' scooters.  While Daddy was setting it up, she was "reading" the directions.
Her cake.  She wanted a Thomas cake, so I tried my hand at frozen buttercream transfer for the first time.  I learned a few things about making it easier next time around, but this is definitely a technique I'll be using in the future. 
Still not too sure about the birthday song even when it's a small group singing quietly
But she blew out the candles all by herself and on the first try! 
Her speech therapist had practiced blowing out the candles with her and she seemed so thrilled with herself to get them all on the first try. 

All in all, a great little party that was just her speed.   She put on her new socks, we went to grab some dinner, then she came home and played with all of her new stuff.   As I type, she's scootering circles around the living room. 

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