Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Me Too Is Three!

Me Too, a.k.a. Secora, is celebrating a birthday today! 
Little miss joined us three years ago and met her immediately smitten big sister
She spent most of her first year in Montana, getting used to snow suits and being poked and prodded by two little girls who wanted her to be big enough to play.
We moved back to Texas when she was about 9 months old and she quickly adjusted to the change in scenery.
By 18 months, momma and daddy finally clued in that she needed some extra help coping with her world and she started getting the intervention she needed to make her days a little easier.  She greatly increased her eating and decreased her meltdowns.
2 year old Secora was getting along just fine now that we understood how to help her out.  She's had some tough work to do, but she was definitely starting to enjoy herself more.

Miss Me Too has grown by leaps and bounds.  She loves to play with her sisters and wants to be involved in everything they do.  Since her stint in the hospital six months ago and a change in her therapy services, she's managed to progress on her eating to the point of having a big growth spurt and she weighs 29 pounds now.  She is talking more and stringing sentences together.  Her favorite "food" is chocolate pediasure, but she also liked chicken nuggets.  She loves to play card games, which mostly consists of dealing out cards to people, picking them up, and dealing them out again.  She also loves to be involved in schoolwork, which is where we hear most of the "Me Too!!"  Her favorite school time activity is to practice cutting paper.  She has great fun picking out books at the library every week and will sit and look through books, even without pictures, for a long time.   She usually wants her hair in pigtails and likes to pick her own clothes now.  If I pick something that doesn't match, she'll fuss at me that the outfit doesn't go together.  We've discovered this year that she gets carsick, but also dialed in on the perfect dramamine dose to keep her from puking without knocking her out.  Her favorite outdoor activities are jumping on the trampoline and "riding bikes" (sitting on a bike or trike while it rolls down our down-hill street).  When I asked her what kind of cake she wants, she told me, "a BIG cake", so clearly, she is wise beyond her years. 

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