Monday, November 25, 2013

I Have Lost My Mind

About two months ago, a friend sent me this link.  First of all, Sedona absolutely LOVES My Little Pony.  Secondly, a giant quilting project made of a 1 inch squares is just the kind of craziness that inspires me.  All hope for my sanity was lost when Sedona saw the picture on my computer and excitedly asked, "oh Momma! Can you make ME a quilt like that?!"

Her favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle, so I searched out a cross-stitch pattern and found this one online.  Then I made a trip to the fabric store and started doing a lot of cutting.  And a lot of sewing.  And a lot more cutting.  And a lot more sewing.  Even lots and lots of pressing and pinning.  I hate both, but with all those seams to line up and such small squares, skipping it wasn't an option.  I've learned that 1 inch squares are really tiny, and strip quilting is a completely necessary skill.

Right now, my sewing table is covered in bags of itty bitty squares:

And Josh set up another table for me to cut fabric and lay out blocks on:

So far this is what I have:

I'm about a quarter of the way done. I would love to be done by Christmas, but I'm going to be cutting it close. At lot of the center is large blocks of the same color for her body and I've already made a fair bit of progress on that (used strip quilting to create a lot of rows of 10 squares), so some of that will go quickly.   What do you think?  Any chance of getting this done in the next month? 

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Anonymous said...

Yes you have lost your mind. I lost mine last year when I made a queen sized quilt for Silas. Had to sneak around to get it finished in time. Quilting by hand when I should have been sleeping. Good luck!! Jen


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