Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Festivities

We had a great Halloween.  The girls are getting to an age where it's easier to do more activities without me or them getting totally overwhelmed.

We started out the day with a few crafts.  They made spider finger puppets

And since I only had one bottle of craft glue, they had to take turns and you know how much kids love to wait, especially on an exciting day, so we also made pumpkins to fill the time.

Secora's philosophy was straight from the cowbell skit of SNL..."needs more googly eyes!"
After crafts, we had a tea party.  This is a suggestion of our new writing curriculum (Brave Writer).  The idea is to have a really fun, "fancy" time sharing poetry and talking about writing. I made mini pumpkin scones the night before and I had bought an assortment of hot chocolate and apple cider mixes.  I got out my grandmother's teapot for hot water, along with coffee mugs and real china plate (what's the point in having nice things if you can't use them?  and the kids felt so grown up they did really well acting grown up).

I had picked up a few Halloween books and poetry books at the library earlier in the week.  After the girls chose their drink and got their scones, they enjoyed snacking while I read the Halloween books to them.  Then they each looked through the poetry books looking for poems they wanted to read aloud to everyone else and talking about what they liked about the poems. 
I expected Sedona to need a lot of help, but she did so well figuring out the words she couldn't read based on context clues.  I was pleasantly surprised how well she did all on her own and how motivated she was to do it on her own. 
Of course, Miss Me Too had to read also.   She would look through the books and pick a page and I would say, "okay, do you want me to read that one?" and she would get mad and yell, "no! me do it!" 
This particular book has a picture of a quilt on each page and then a poem that goes along with the quilt.  When she was "reading" this one, she says, "and momma said, 'sewing table off limits!'"
After naps and some school work, I made Halloween pancakes for dinner
Then it was trick-or-treating time!  Secora had been a bit iffy about trick-or-treating.  Her speech therapist had talked to her about it quite a bit and I had been trying to prepare her.  She wanted to go, but was uneasy about it.  Costumes/clothes can be an issue for sensory kids as well, so when we picked out costumes, I had her try them on in the store and wear them a little bit.  Her first choice was exciting for about 30 seconds, then she had to have it off NOW.  She finally settled on an adorable monster costume. 

Halloween night, everyone was very excited to finish up dinner and start getting their costumes on.  Even Secora was happy to put on the clothes she'd wear under her costume and run around with her sisters.  Then it was time to put on her costume and she totally flipped out.  I took her to her room so it was just me and her and tried to talk to her, but she was crying and insisting she wasn't wearing a costume, she wasn't going out, she didn't want candy.  At one point, she wanted to put on her costume, but had to get out when I started to zip it.  It's silly because I'm the adult and whatever she wants to do should be fine, but I was so disappointed.  Had it been one of the other girls, it probably would have been fine, but this was just one more thing on a long list of things being a struggle for her. 

I finally asked her if she just wanted to put on a dress-up skirt to take a picture and she agreed to that.  The big girls were already in their costumes and eager to leave.  Sedona had found this unicorn costume that she was completely enamored with.  At first I told her it wouldn't fit because it was a toddler costume, but she loved it so much I finally let her try it on and she managed to make it work.  I'm still not 100% sure what Sierra was, some sort of vampire. 
It was starting to get cold and with everyone out of the house, Secora decided she wanted to go back in, just me and her, and try putting on her costume again.   This time, success!  If you know her, you can tell she looks much more relaxed in this picture, the anxiety had definitely started to ease up for her.
She even gave me a few super cute roars
She still needed to be carried up to the houses, but she was definitely happier when candy was involved.  One house was handing out the fruit snacks she absolutely loves (and they didn't have at the store last time I went shopping), she was SOOO excited about that. 
The bigger girls had a great time.  We had a friend come over to trick-or-treat with us and then picked up neighbors on the way.  One of the neighbors recently broke her leg quite badly and had to be in a temporary wheelchair type contraption, which didn't work so well because most of the houses in our neighborhood have stairs on the sidewalks.  Sierra and Sedona would always ask for candy for their friend too and bring it back to her.

Overall, it was a great day with lots of fun.  Now Sierra and I are packing up to go on a girl scout trip over the weekend!

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