Sunday, October 27, 2013

Free Halloween Math Worksheets

With Halloween coming up this week, I've been debating whether to skip school all together on Friday or try to deal with overly excited, overly sugared up children.  I've settled on a light day that incorporates their excitement over their newly acquired loot. 

I made up a few quick math worksheets that focus on some skills they are either working on or have recently learned and also uses their candy.  As always, these sheets are available for free to you.  They may be downloaded for an individual family or classroom, I simply ask that you do not share them directly with other people, but share the link to this post instead.  Worksheets can be downloaded at these links:

1st grade sheets

4th grade sheets

Both the 1st and 4th grade worksheets start out by graphing the types of candies received, but they have different questions following the graph based on what each of the girls are currently doing.  Toddlers can easily get in on the candy math as well by sorting their candy based on type, or sorting M&Ms, Starbursts or Skittles based on colors.

When you're done with candy math, give candy science a try too!

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