Saturday, October 26, 2013

Floods and Waterparks

Life has not been boring lately.  Two weeks ago, a big storm rolled through town.  We ended up getting over 4 inches of rain and most of it fell in less than an hour.   A little background: we used to live in the flood plain.  About 18 months ago, our town had a very similar storm.  Our yard was severely flooded, but the house stayed dry.  Our new house is on a large hill and not in the flood plain.  Standing water should never be a problem, but we are downhill from our neighbors.  The house has french drains and they have worked well to clear out water during thunderstorms.  However, 3-4 inches of rain per hour is going to overload just about any small drainage system.  And that's how we found ourselves scrambling around the house at 3am on a Saturday night trying to figure out where the water was coming from and where it all had spread.   'Cause you know, when you move OUT of the flood plain is the perfect time for your first house flood.

Long story short, it all came in the master bedroom closet and it spread from there, into the master bath and master bedroom and all the way across the dance studio in the back (which is the entire width of the house).  Basically, the water flowed through our house instead of around it.   Thankfully, it stopped coming into the house as soon as the rain rate slacked off (even though a light rain continued for days).   We vacuumed up a lot of water, moved a lot of furniture, soaked a lot of towels, and pulled up carpet. 

 The carpet in the closet obviously had to go that night, it was under water.  We were hopeful we could save the master bedroom carpet and just replace part of the padding, and that the dance room floor would be okay after vacuuming and and drying.
It was not meant to be though.  The carpet just smelled mustier and mustier after it dried (we had put large fans on it for a couple days), and the wood started cupping. 

When it was all said and done, we pulled out all the master bedroom carpeting, and we're working on refinishing the wood floors.  We ran a dehumidifier in the room for days and sanded them down, which greatly improved the cupping, but sadly, I don't think they'll ever be completely flat again in the damaged areas.  It was either replace them or deal with some very minor "not 100% flat" sections.  Even with being DIYers and not replacing completely, fixing this floor is running us several hundred dollars, not to mention our bedroom, which is just bare concrete because we haven't decided what to do there yet.  Incidentally, you'll have noticed more sponsored posts from me lately because, you know, when we really do like tomato soup and Monsters movies, and we need new flooring, I figured I might as well make a little extra money. 

The irony of all of this is that we woke up at 3am to curse all the water in our house and work our tails off, but we had already booked a trip to Great Wolf Lodge that was scheduled to start that same day.  We had snagged a groupon deal for a 2 night stay.  We debated trying to push the trip back a day, but in the end, the floor was as dry as we could get it, so we had a friend come over to turn off fans at night and went anyway.  You know, escaping the going to a water park.  Makes sense, right?   It was nice to have fun and de-stress and we couldn't have done much at the house at that point in time anyway.  The girls had a blast.  I was so proud of Secora, she did SO much better than last year.  She really enjoyed herself this time around (aside from the time a big kid purposely sprayed her directly in the face at close range and kept doing it despite her obvious crying and panic...I was livid, and told him so).  She discovered the kiddie slides and went down over and over and over again.  The big girls had a blast on the bigger attractions. 

Everyone loved playing in the arcade at night.  Sierra won a 5,000 ticket jackpot the first night and another 500 ticket jackpot the second night.  The little girls discovered a love of whack-a-mole.   We didn't play magiquest this time because the girls opted for more waterpark time.  As part of our groupon deal, we had a dining credit, so we were able to eat two meals at the Camp Critter Grill this time around.  The food was really good (Josh and I split an entree each time since we couldn't easily save leftovers), but I wish there was more selection available.   Since it's October, we also got to participate in the Halloween festivities.   The lobby is fully decorated and the kids get to trick or treat every evening.  Story time also involves a Halloween book, and some of the employees that are around kids the most dress up.  Since we have early risers, we have always gone to the water park first thing in the morning, as soon as it opens.  This works out well, there are no lines for any rides and the kids have plenty of space to do whichever activities they want.  We realized on this trip that closing time is the same way.  A lot of families go to story time, so about 7p-9p, the waterpark is pretty much empty again.  Also, the arcade is empty during the day and packed at night.  The standard flow seems to be families having a relaxed breakfast, hitting the waterpark during the day, then doing some combination of dinner/arcade/story time.  You could really avoid the crowds if you start the day at the water park, then take a break to eat lunch, visit the arcade and play magiquest, then eat dinner and go back to the water park.

We didn't carry a camera around so I got a total of 2 pictures while we were there.  Secora and I ran the swim suits through the suit spinner on our way out and I stopped to take a picture of her.  Lots of good memories though!

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