Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Almost a Decade

Sierra is 9 years old today!  Of course, it seems like yesterday that she introduced us to this crazy thing called parenthood. She has done a lot of growing up this year and is definitely heading into tween territory.  She's showing more responsibility all the time and taking more initiative with her school work this year.  She still loves her theater classes and being in plays, and is auditioning for Annie Jr. tonight.  Her singing has greatly improved in the last few months, since she had a part in Little Mermaid Jr. and received some voice instruction.  One of her favorite things to do in her free time is ride her bike.  We have our normal ups and downs as we move into the fun mood swings of the tween years, but overall she is so mindful of being kind and standing up for anyone who needs a friend in their corner, and I'm so proud of her for both developing that empathy and putting it into action. 
Teeny Tiny Sierra
"Hello big human, do you know what you're doing?"  "No, not really tiny human, but we'll figure it out eventually."
First birthday
Two and into being messy
Settling into the big sister role
Fun times on the road
First grade and making a mummy for history
Last week, building atoms as she begins learning about the periodic table
Happy Birthday to my big girl!!

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