Sunday, October 20, 2013

101 Goals Wrap-Up

It's hard to believe 1001 days have passed since I set 101 goals for myself back in 2011.

I completed less than half of the goals, but most of the ones I have not accomplished, I'm okay with missing out on.  A few were things I added only because it was a real struggle to come up with 101.  A few were goals I would have loved to accomplish (mostly the travel ones and some of the kid ones), but with Secora's sensory problems, two job changes and a cross country move, it just hasn't happened.   Overall, I completed 46, which another 12 being in progress.

It was harder than I thought to get through the list.  I learned I need shorter time frames, maybe 5 goals every 50 days instead. There was definitely a rush in the last 2 weeks to finish some things up because I felt the time pressure.  I'm too much of a procrastinator to feel motivated 300 days in when it seems like I have forever to accomplish the goals.

This weekend, I finished up a few more things that were easy and there was really no reason to put off.

First, I made homemade bagels.  I went with cinnamon raisin and they were a lot more easy than I thought they'd be to make. 

I also made a chocolate souffle.  I didn't have a souffle pan to use though, so I used a spring form pan.  It turned out pretty well too, but was a little more tricky to make. 

  I also picked up a fabric I really liked a little while back and made something with it.  I chose a little sewing kit.  This let me try out a lot of new things.  I tried my hand at hexagons, english paper piecing, and applique for the first time. 
 The booklet snaps shut and holds scissors, thread, thimble, needles and some little extras. 

And just this morning, I tried my hand at making silhouettes of the girls. This was also easier than I expected, but I need a little more practice at it.

So that's it for the 101 in 1001!  

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