Sunday, September 8, 2013

Adventures in Carsickness

About a month ago, we took a trip to the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory.  The girls had a lot of fun touring the factory and taste testing ice cream:
But before we got there, I finally figured out that Secora gets carsick.  There had been some indications of this in the past, but we hadn't really clued in.  She had gotten a bit whiny on some longer car rides and on our last 300 mile drive she threw up twice, but she had been eating and we thought she just ate too fast or got choked up or something.   When no one else got sick, we just wrote it off as a fluke.

When she cried out at the end of a 45 minute drive and I turned around to see her and her carseat covered with vomit, the light bulb finally went off.  She's getting carsick.   I don't know why I didn't figure this out sooner, since I am very prone to carsickness.

Thankfully, I just happened to have supplies in the car to clean her up.  Between her, Sierra's abdominal migraine/cyclic vomiting issues and Sedona possibly starting up on the abdominal migraine fun too, I decided it was time to just put together a carsick kit for the car:
Here's what I included and why:
Wet wipes (I used the ones leftover from Secora's hospital stay, but baby wipes are great) to clean up the kid
A roll of paper towels to soak up the bulk of the spill and to dry the carseat
Clorox wipes to clean up and sanitize the car, carseat, or anything else that was in the line of fire
Plastic bags for dirty laundry and trash.  I stuffed 4 bags in the center of the paper towel roll so I have a laundry bag and trash bag ready for two incidents
Fresh clothes to change into.  I put in 2 sets of jammies because who doesn't want to be comfortable after puking?  I need to add in at least a t-shirt for the older girls, though they're less likely to be so messy since they can give me more warning about their impending reversal of fortune.
Hand sanitizer because, well, do I really need to explain that?  I also threw in hand cleansing wipes we just had laying around
Emesis bags to hopefully catch the mess before the rest of this stuff is needed.  Again, we had leftovers from the hospital, but you can order the hospital version, or other styles on amazon.
Small bottle of water.  I haven't added this yet, but something to rinse out her mouth just in case we don't have another drink in the car.
Disposable gloves.  A pair or two could definitely come in handy with bigger messes. 
My plan is to leave this whole box in the back of the car so it's always available.  I'm also keeping chewable dramamine in my diaper bag these days because I gave her a dose of that before we headed home from the Blue Bell factory and she did fine on the return trip.  I wish I could throw that in the box too so I'm sure to always have an extra dose or two, but our temperatures are too extreme here to keep medication in the car.  I also always carry zofran with me for Sierra now (for nausea), so we have that available as well.

This is my first experience in dealing with carsickness in a person unable to tell me they are feeling sick.  Does anyone else have tips to share? 


Stormy.Stark said...

This kit is a great idea! I would suggest the additions of peppermint candies or gum for the older girls (water helps but vomit aftertaste is the worst) and maybe disposal cold packs for the back of the neck or forehead? I tend to try and keep tissues or a wash cloth with me that I can moisten and wipe faces with because sometimes wipes smell and if you are nauseous you never know what smell will trigger more vomiting.....

The Hills said...

Excellent ideas! That also reminds me that the last time I had anesthesia and got nauseous, the nurse held a plain alcohol wipe under my nose for just a moment and that totally cleared the nausea.


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