Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vine Sphinx Moth

We got a cool surprise the other day.  The girls said there was a giant moth on the window.  I took a look and had to run and grab my camera. 
Aren't the markings impressive?  I'm pretty sure it's a vine sphinx moth, Eumorpha vitis. Wing span is usually something like 3.5-4 inches across, and I'd say that's how big this one was.   It seems the caterpillars feed on grape vines and we have some of those in the yard, so maybe there are more of these guys hanging out. 
Of course, I asked the girls why they thought those markings might be useful and they said it could camouflage itself in a bunch of twigs.  Then Sedona says, "and in this sweater, I can camouflage myself in a leopard pack!!!"

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