Monday, August 12, 2013

Early Elementary Art Lesson Plans

Last year, I made myself an art lesson plan to follow because I'm very math and science oriented and it's not in my nature to provide art opportunities for the girls.  Having a plan made it easier to do art with them more often (though we still didn't do all the projects on the list, we ended up skipping around some).   When I asked the girls what they wanted to learn about this year, Sedona told me math and "ART!  Lots and lots of art!!!"

So I made up another art plan with all new projects to try out.  There are some in here that will be rather involved and take several days to complete, like homemade batik t-shirts, and others that are quick and easy without much, if any, parental oversight.

My girls will be 1st and 4th grade this year and will do the same projects.  3 year old sister may play along with some of the more simple ones, complicated projects will wait until nap time.  Of course, I've put the plan up on google docs for you to download for free if you'd like to use it!  I only ask that you share the link to this post rather than sharing the plan directly.

Link to free elementary art lesson plans

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