Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School!

We officially started our school year today.  Some homeschool families continue to work through the summer, but we are not them.  I bought each of the girls a big workbook for their grade level and they worked on them when they wanted, but we skip the formal teaching for the summer (and for part of the spring too, depending on when they finish their work for the year).  Inevitably, the first of August rolls around and they start BEGGING to do school work.  One of my goals this year was to have everything completely planned out before we even started.  The last 2 weeks have involved a LOT of schoolwork for me, but I accomplished the goal and we're ready to go!  Here's what's on the line up (links may be affiliate links):

Sedona (1st grade, just turned 6, loves math and very talented at it, reluctant but average reader, strongly suspected ADHD):
Math: RightStart Level B.  We've been very happy with it over the last 3 years.
Spelling: She will start All About Spelling Level 1, I suspect it will take her the full year to finish it
Reading: All About Reading Level 2; family read alouds such as Charlotte's Web and Little House on the Prairie
Science: Magic School Bus science plans (free on the Homeschool Belle blog)
History: Ancients Level 1 (made my own, they're available for free)
Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears
Music: Continue working on John W. Schaum books
Art: Our own lesson plans (available here)
Geography: If she's interested, the Evan Moor 1st grade geography book is available for her, but I'm not going to insist on it yet
Spanish: If she's interested, Rosetta Stone Homeschool Spanish is available, but I'm not insisting on it

Sierra (4th grade, about to turn 9, reluctant but good at math, advanced reader, enjoys "seat work"):
Math: RightStart Level E (I'm starting to stress about where we'll go next.  I'm not afraid of math and would prefer to teach her one on one, but it seems all the homeschool programs are on DVD/computer)
Spelling: She will finish All About Spelling Level 3 and move on to Level 4
Reading: Some books on her reading list are required and others she will get to choose
Science: Science Odyssey, Chemistry from Pandia Press
History: Modern history Level 1 (made my own, available for free here)
Handwriting: doing a little remedial work to see if we can neaten things up.  Going with Handwriting Without Tears
Music: She has learned the basics that I feel are required, I will continue to provide books/instruments for her to work at her own pace as it interests her (she plays on the keyboard almost every day)
Art: Our own lesson plans
Geography: States and capitals
Spanish: Rosetta Stone Homeschool Spanish

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