Friday, July 19, 2013

The Week of Awesome

This has been the best week in at least 3 months, maybe the whole year. 

To start off with a bang, I successfully completed my triathlon!  (full post coming up tonight or tomorrow).  

From there, things only got better.  Back at the beginning of the year, we accidentally ended up with 3 cars.  We had purchased a large truck (suitable for towing) last fall, but then Josh's parents were making an international move and ended up gifting us their 2000 Escalade (also suitable for towing).  Josh did quite a bit of mechanical work on both vehicles and we just hung onto them for a while because we couldn't decide what we should do car-wise.  We ended up selling the truck on Monday.  The money from said sale was enough to pay off Secora's hospital bills, buy 4 new (desperately needed) tires for my van, and fill our freezer/pantry with roughly $600 worth of food (again, post coming soon).  There was a little bit leftover.  Enough that we could take a small vacation on the cheap.  Maybe a few camping trips, or a weekend in Galveston, we weren't sure.

On Tuesday, Spa Girl Tri held a contest on their facebook page.  You had to write a triathlon themed lullaby.  They would pick a winner to receive a free night's stay at the resort the weekend of the triathlon.  I've been interested in this tri since I heard about it, but entry fee plus resort stay was out of my price range and I didn't want the stress of staying somewhere else plus driving in from out of town.   I tried to think of a lullaby, but I couldn't come up with anything good.  All the melodies I wanted to use had already been used by someone else and the directions said creativity counted.  Late Tuesday night, I was headed to bed when I remembered I forgot to enter.  I took one last look at the entries and no one had done Stay Awake from Mary Poppins yet.  That's the lullaby I always sang to the girls, so I knew it well and put together a tri spin on it before going off to bed.

Wednesday was......well, nothing but stress.  I took the girls to the reptile show at the local library, but there was some trouble with the start time, so we ended up having to entertain ourselves for an hour and a half before the start, then by the time we got out, we were all starving and a car full of tired, hungry females is always a fun time.

Thursday morning, Spa Girl Tri announced I had won the free night at the resort.  I hardly ever win anything, and here I had won something big!  They said I could still have a second night at the discount rate, so we get a family vacation after all AND I get to do another triathlon!

And now, we're prepping for Sedona's 6th birthday.  Definitely headed into big kid territory!

Here's the original "Stay Awake" song:

And here was my winning entry:
Stay in shape, don't rest your feet.
Don't complain about the heat.
Mimosas wait at the finish line,
Stay in shape, don't moan and whine.

Though the swim is over now,
you've done the bike and wiped your brow,
you still have running to complete,
stay in shape, success is sweet.
Stay in shape, success is sweet.

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Tamara said...

That is quite a week! Congratulations!


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