Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Fun

Our days have been consisting of a lot of running around with the neighbors, riding bikes and just generally being kids in summer.  So, there hasn't been a lot to report lately.

Thought I'd pop in with a few recent pics from the park:
Secora trying to learn how to swing
Sierra having no trouble at all and spending most of her time on the swings, as usual
Sedona prefers the slides, but when she's on the swings, she likes to fly
Secora on the slides another day
The evening of July 4th, we went to watch the fireworks.  I tried to take a few pictures without the flash, but it was too dark and the kids were enjoying running all over the place
This is actually a pretty accurate representation of Sedona though: always on the move

I know I've threatened it before, but there a few interesting posts coming up over the next two weeks.  A write up about my triathlon, Sedona's spy birthday party and homeschool freebies.  I may even throw a recipe or two in there. 

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