Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spy Party

When we planned Sedona's birthday party, we were working with a pretty tight budget.  She decided on a spy theme, so we got on pinterest and came up with a set of games that the kids would enjoy and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

First up, homemade cake with a very simple spy silhouette and magnifying glass decoration
As the kids arrived, they got to make a spy badge.  We purchased the badges at an office supply store and I printed the inserts on card stock we already had.  We had already written in an assortment of spy skills, the kids picked their own name and then put their thumb print in the square (we already had ink)
They could also pick up a magnifying glass, silly glasses, lei and/or notebook with pen (all purchased, but a total cost of about $25)

The point of the party was to complete spy training and unlock the pinata (which was the biggest expense)
Decorations on the door (again, printed on card stock I already had)
First, our new spies had to make it through the laser field
Then, they had target practice.  My idea was to have water balloons filled with food coloring and water.  They'd throw them at the white sheet and it would look cool.  I didn't have enough coloring in the balloons though.  I only put in a drop or two in each balloon, definitely needs more.  Kids still had fun though.
Back inside, they learn to creep quietly by walking over bubble wrap (procured for free from shipments Josh received at work).  And then gave up on quiet and popped it all by gleefully stomping it to bits.
Finally, they had to hunt for the keys to the locks on the pinata.  We used squishy baff, but you could do dirt, rocks, water beads or anything else kids want to dig in.  We gathered up random orphan keys from around the house along with the keys to the locks (we used three padlocks we already had on hand).  We told the kids to dig for the keys, but that each person could only get out one. 
After finding their key (and washing their hands in a bucket of water), they ran inside to see if it fit any of the locks.
Once the pinata was unlocked, it was a regular pinata breaking routine, but no blind folds and three adults keeping everyone safe from getting hit.  Then they scooped up the loot in their evidence collection bags (labels printed on stickers I already had)
All in all, a rather simple, cheap party to throw and the kids seemed to love it. 

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